Fantastic Friday! – 3.04.20

Greetings Toucans,

Welcome to Friday which is the last day of term before we break up for the Easter holidays!

Art – Easter/Spring crafts

Here are some ideas for some Easter/Spring arts and crafts ideas – remember they can always be adapted to use what you have around the home! You don’t have to use exactly what is in the picture, we certainly don’t when we are in the classroom. I find one of the most useful things to always have a stock of is paper plates – you can adapt paper plate art activities to any topic and use them in so many ways and they are generally available in supermarkets.

*For the bunny model I would advise making salt dough unless you have some playdough to hand. If you make salt dough then you can keep your model – you can either air dry it or bake it in the oven (oven baking is quicker and tends to give a better result).

Here is a video on how to make salt dough (she calls it playdough but really playdough doesn’t have such a salty base and usually includes oil making it much messier to make at home). You don’t have to include the paint/food dye and can always leave it plain like the bunnies in the example picture.

Thank you Pinterest for the images in the slideshow – Pinterest is great šŸ™‚

Natural Thinkers

Continuing on from our learning earlier in the week I’ve had some lovely ideas shared and have started to put them into a book…but I’d love to hear from some more of you!

Here are the links to the Natural Thinkers videos so far…

…and here is our book so far

We have had quite a few ideas for parsley and rosemary is clearly very popular with lamb. As someone who follows a plant-based diet I often use parsley in my tomato pasta sauces (I agree Aisha it makes it yummy) and roast my vegetables with rosemary. Further developing our knowledge did you know that not only is rosemary used in cooking but in bath, beauty and cleaning products?

Rosemary is also supposed to be good for helping boost your brain, mood, tummy, hair and eye health!

I wonder if it is in any of the products in your bathroom? I have it in one of my soaps.

You can make it into a tea to drink or make rosemary water which can be drunk

or used for sensory play

Rosemary is a mood booster which makes us feel less stressed and has a calming effect which can be useful (especially at the moment). It is also good at keeping moths away! So many many uses for one plant.

Here is a craft you could do that uses rosemary, making rosemary sachets. Again you could adapt it – you might already have little bags to put the rosemary in or you could make your own using scraps from old clothes and sew them together – a great skill to teach (no sewing machine is necessary, unlike in the pictures on the link).

Holiday activities

Daily reading is really the most important thing you can do on a regular basis, term-time or holiday time! That and regular exercise – stay active young Toucans.

For those of you who were able to take home the packs prepared do work through them at your own pace. If you have your phonics homework book (the majority of you should) then do the pages that correlate with the phonics we have learnt so far.

Come back and re-watch the videos on the blog and do activities you haven’t had a chance to do yet.

Have lots of fun playing and exploring things the interest you!

Here is a new site that you can use for extending your learning and looking further into some of the topics we have learnt about so far.

This is Dorling Kindersley site. There is a section on Space and if you look under ‘History’ you will find a section on Pirates.


Celebrate all your hard work with some fun dancing just like we do on a Friday. I’ll be thinking of all of you and having a dance too šŸ™‚

Here is our playlist:

…and of course we love this one too!

I look forward to hearing from you and do feel free to stay in contact over the blog and twitter during the holidays.

Happy Easter holidays!

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley x

Toucans’ Easter Thursday! – 2.04.20

Greetings Toucans,

I’m calling today Easter Thursday because Thursday is our day for learning about RE and this Thursday is the one before the Easter holidays so today we’ll be learning a bit about the RE side of Easter and some of the less religious side of Easter as well.

Quick quiz question, what does RE stand for? (Religious Education)

Let’s start today with some…


Below is a video I would like you to watch to inspire your writing – I think you will enjoy it very much! Some of you will have seen it before but something tells me you will be happy to watch it again, it is one of my favourites and always makes me smile. šŸ˜€

If your adults are able to share the writing this inspires via twitter or email ( then I would love to see it! You could write about the things that the hatchling and the worm get up to together, how they are friends, what you thought was funny or cute…so many possibilities!

– Blueberries Iā€™d like you to draw the picture and label it using your letter sounds.Ā 

– Apricots, Mangos and Cherries Iā€™d like you to focus on writing a clear sentence that has a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces in-between the words and a full stop at the end. Some of you are starting to use describing words to add detail to your sentences as well. Remember to always read your work back to check it makes sense.Ā 

– Peaches all of the above applies to you but Iā€™d like you to also be thinking about extending your writing ā€“ use joining words and write more than one sentence.

Everyone practise your letter formation, it was great to see how many of you were working hard on your letter formation yesterday, well done!


So can you count them in 2s?

What adding or taking away number sentences can you make using using some of the amounts? E.g. 5 (the rabbit) + 2 = ?

If you feel secure counting in 2s then you could start practising counting in 5s…


New digraph of today…oa!

Revise the ee digraph

Remember to use PhonicsPlay to practise your phonics using the fun games.

RE – Easter

Easter is a Christian festival. Here is the Easter story

Some people choose to celebrate Easter but concentrate less on the religious side and more on the Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies! Here is a funny Easter video from the Hatchlings and some fun Easter songs.

Those hatchlings are naughty! They make me laugh so much but don’t try what they did at home!

So what have you learnt about Easter? Do you celebrate Easter, if so how?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments and seeing the pictures of your learning.

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley x

Wonderful Wednesday – 1.04.20

Greetings Toucans,

Welcome to April! Let’s hope this month shows some improvement over March.

Today let’s start with something we all need to practise…

Letter formation

Learning to form the letters in the correct way is very important otherwise when you come to join up your handwriting you won’t be able to as your letters will all be starting and ending in the wrong places! Also if you form your letters correctly your writing will soon look neater and be easier to read.

Here is a video going through letter formation:

Regular/daily letter formation practise would be a good idea alongside your reading.

Next up is…


Today we’re going to work on our keyboard skills

Login to busythings

Your can select Upper Reception as you are getting quite grown up! Now go to the Understanding the World section and then the Technology section. Scroll down to find Mouse and Keyboard Skills (these activities are all possible on an iPad)

Do the Tree keys activity to start to learn the letters of the keyboard as we have begun to in class when we were typing animal names into Google and finding images of them to develop our online research and typing skills.

The Alphabet tracing will help you practise your letter formation and the Body boggle will help you either develop your mouse control if you are working with a mouse or your finger control (fine motor skills) – I wonder what your crazy creature will look like?!

Here’s mine. I bet you can make yours even sillier! Ask your adult to share some pictures.

Natural Thinkers

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas šŸ™‚


It is always good to take the time to be mindful, but especially in these strange circumstances we currently find ourselves in mindfulness may give us some calm and peace. Try the exercises below.

Reading extension

You can use the oxford owl website to expand your reading

Use the ‘My class login’ and type in

‘hmpsks1’ where it says ‘my class name’ and ‘my class password’ and then ‘log in’ you can then look at the books at different levels and find some that are right for you.

If you would like to get in contact with me in a way that isn’t via the blog or twitter then you can email and mark the email FAO Miss Linsley and they will forward it to me. Twitter and the blog remain the most direct way to get in contact with me and I’m very excited to see the latest new joiners to twitter! šŸ˜€

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley x

Tip-top Tuesday – 31.03.20

Greetings Toucans,

Today is the 31st of which month? Which month starts tomorrow?

Let’s start today with…


New ee digraph with Geraldine. We have talked about this one quite a bit in class as it does often come up in writing so it may be more familiar to you.

Revise the ai digraph:

Practise your phonics on PhonicsPlay. Particularly practise your Phase 3 tricky words.

Username: March20

Password: home

Understanding the World: Science – Space

Continuing our space learning, let’s learn about the phases of the Moon:

Here are some images taken from the Moon of planet Earth…pretty awesome!

What can you find out about mankind landing on the moon?

Learn more about astronauts below…

Here are some super space related images. Maybe they will inspire you to find out more about them, or draw them or write about them!

Rights Respecting – Right to a clean and safe environment + Science

Article 24: You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment and information to help you stay well.

Today we will learn some more about climate change

What is one positive change you could make from the ideas in the slideshow? Maybe you could discuss as a family.

Although the current corona virus situation is very strange and we would all very much like to go back to normal life it has had some benefit (been of some good) to the environment, do you know how? How could you find out?


I look forward to hearing from you in the comments and seeing your work via twitter.

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley x

Marvellous Monday! – 30.03.20

Hello Toucans,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend – I saw sunshine and hail, it was rather crazy weather!

Literacy and Science

Watch the videos below:

Now using what you’ve learnt from the video and from your previous learning about space I would like you to write some facts about space. Remember facts are things that are definitely true and NOT made up.

As mentioned in my video here is a video to give you an idea of what Mars’ Valles Marineris is like…


And remember to keep up your workouts with Joe Wicks as well!



Today we will start learning about capacity. Capacity is the maximum amount something can contain. When we learn about capacity we learn about whether containers are full, half full or empty.

Using the website twinkl to download this PowerPoint and learn more.

*It has come to my attention that Twinkl isn’t allowing as much access as we initially thought which is a shame. I have screenshot the PowerPoint images, obviously it doesn’t quite work as a PowerPoint any longer but the learning is there!

Remember the code for twinkl is PARENTSTWINKLHELPS and access is free.

Capacity challenges:

Do respond to the learning questions in the comments section.

At the end of each blog you can reply/comment/ask or answer any questions and I will respond. You can also stay in touch via twitter.

Some of the learning that has been shared via twitter this past week šŸ™‚

Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing from you,

Miss Linsley x

Funky Friday! – 27.03.20

Greetings Toucans!

Today is Friday and the end of our first week of home learning. I hope you’ve all managed to access the blog without difficulty and log onto and busythings. logins were attached to letters/reading diaries/phonics books sent home on the second to last day of school as were email addresses which you can use for commenting on the blog (just ignore the bit that says ‘website’) and logging onto busythings. If you are without one of your logins please email the school office:

We usually start the day on Friday with…


Here are some ideas for making your own instruments…

Take the time to explore music with your adults. What is their favourite genre (that means type) of music? Is there a particular genre of music or song that has links to your culture or a country you still have family in or simply a song that reminds them of when they were younger or little?

When I was little my mama used to sing me Golden Slumbers as I fell asleep which I always remember and when I was in Year 6 I loved the Spice Girls and I still love them now! They remind me of being that age šŸ™‚ I like lots of types of music but Ms Atkinson and I both really like country music which can also involve a kind of dancing called square dancing, here is a video for you and your family to have a go!


Use the picture below as inspiration for your writing:

Remember you are all at different stages with your writing and that is fine.

Blueberries I would like you to draw the picture and label it using dominant sounds. If you feel ready you can then move onto Apricots’ work.

Apricots work on writing a simple sentence independently. I suggest it starts with ‘The’ or ‘It is’

Mangos and Cherries work on making your sentences independent and make sure you can read them back. Some of you are starting to use describing words to add detail and excitement to your writing.

Peaches you must remember to check your writing can be read by you! Use describing words and joining words. You should be writing more than one sentence.

Remember to all use your phonic sounds to spell and your tricky words that you have learnt. Practise your letter formation.

Imaginative play

Playing is so important and I hope you are enjoying lots of fun with your adults and/or siblings and by yourselves. Remember you always have your imagination!

Today I challenge you to journey into space!

Toucan adults here are some links to some inspiration if you’re in need of some new ideas:


Log on to busythings and in ‘Mathematics’ go to ‘Calculating” and play the two games below:

Have a wonderful weekend full of fun and do try to go outside for some exercise and fresh air once a day if you are able to…and keep up with those Joe Wicks workouts. I think Aisha and her family are becoming super at them as they seem to do them every day!

Take a moment to celebrate all your achievements this week by dancing to your favourite song, just as if we were having our Good To Be Green party.

It has been absolutely lovely to hear from (in no particular order) Ridwan, Valentina, Aisha, Shahadah, Constantine, Margot, Maram, Anna and Art and to learn how you are getting on.

I hope to hear from the rest of you very soon.

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley x

Thoughts for Thursday – 26.03.20

Greetings Toucans,

I hope you were able to get some of that beautiful sunshine on your face yesterday! Remind your adult…which season is it right now? What are some signs of this season?


Today I’d like you to have a go at the halving worksheets that were sent home. Don’t worry if you didn’t have a chance to collect them, links to download them are below. If you can’t print them you could draw them out. If you can do these activities as physically as possible that is best e.g. use counters/toys to represent the bees and physically share them out equally before filling out the worksheet.

Start by watching this PowerPoint:


Now the Numberjacks explore halving (warning this video is 14 minutes long!)


Revise this digraph:

New digraph today:

Understanding the world: Science – Space

The order of the planets in our solar system can be remembered with this fun rhyme My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets (includes dwarf planet Pluto) or My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Noodles!

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Pluto).

Have a read of the these fun facts about the planets below!

What facts have you learnt about space?


Here is some inspiration for space art. Send me the pictures of what you decide to make šŸ™‚

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thinking of you always Toucans,

Miss Linsley x


So far our parsley recipe book looks like this…who else will add to it?